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Pieces of You - Cassia Leo

The 'secret' revealed at the end of book 1 is heart breaking and Pieces of You continues dealing with the fallout of this secret and of course the love triangle....... Claire did what she did for ALL the right reasons but for me those reasons are no more and it's heartbreaking......Claire feels, loss, guilt, remorse, regret, sadness.... Her heart hurts and so does mine....

"I'm stuck in the hell of knowing there is no turning back." (THIS IS WHAT I DON'T GET????? Why is there no turning back???)

I couldn't stop crying whilst reading about the secret and the consequences. The emotion of it all is so tangible. It's probably the thing that annoys me the most about this series but in a weird, emotional way, it's also the thing I love the most; it's probably what makes the story AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL.


Cheating is NOT the theme of this book but there is a love triangle with two wonderful guys..... they both love her and she loves the both of them.....
Who's heart means the most to her....???
Who does she really want deep down...???
What should happen...???

Claire is a genuinely nice, beautiful book character caught up in a desperate situation that she has no control over and I'm not talking about the gorgeous guys....

Sweet, surfer Adam.... 'fell-in-love-with-Claire-recently,' ....their relationship is so beautiful and lovely. He has to leave for Hawaii for a short time... but he will be back....

So cute!!!

Mr Rockstar, Chris Knight is back....and firmly in the picture.... He's the Swoon-some guy, Claire has a 'deep-everlasting-connection-with.'

"The biggest mistake you made was loving me enough to let me go." ~Chris

"Your face and your words are entangled in everyone of my happiest memories..... I'm not myself without you." ~ Chris

Chris believes, despite everything, they are, "made for each other." I had a few doubts, because Adam is also lovely, but by the middle of this book I was firmly ....


I have everything crossed for a happy-ever-after..... it's just with Claire's 'secret' from the first book..... I'm not sure if their HEA is possible in every sense of the word but I will keep hoping.


"No one knows how to love me like you and no one knows how to hurt me like you."

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