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Relentless - Cassia Leo 3.5 "Where we love is home.' beautiful stars.

This book is about a lost girl, Claire Nixon, who is trying to find her way through the shitty life she's been dealt.... She has a dead mother, no father, a history of life in the care system, a lost love, a new love and a huge, there's no-going-back-from, secret.

To help herself cope, Claire meditates... all the time... it seems a little random at first but you actually get used to it by the end of this book and completely accept it in book two.

The boys.....

The lost love, is Chris Knight.... Mr gorgeous, (I couldn't wait to meet you) Rockstar, with tattoos and piercings. He's was once everything to Claire and she was everything to him. She encouraged Chris to pursue his dream..... however this had far reaching consequences for them both....

The new love, Adam Parker has, 'sun-kissed brown hair,' he's another hottie and a sexy surfer and works his way, very quickly, into Claire's life, and Claire's heart.

Adam, surfer boy has his own secret....

I felt the tingling jitters when they were getting to know each other.... their first date, their first kiss.... it was lovely.... if not maybe a little too instant (I didn't quite feel it as the characters, but by the end of the book I didn't care that the insta love was too quick)... I enjoyed Adam flirting (he's very good at it)The silly jokes he tells to ease situations..... that new romance butterfly feeling was there for me.

Why only 3.5 stars?????

I feel a little mean but if I'm completely honest, up until about the 75/80% mark it was just an ok read with an 'insta love' that was all too quick. Then some book magic happened.....Claire's secret is revealed (I never would've guessed!) and the story skyrocketed for me. It made me feel sick, the finality of her secret.

It's a love triangle and I'm not sure which guy I want....both are great in their own way... I thought Adam was too much too soon but after the revelation he was just an amazing character and Chris is simple lovely. I fell in love with the story; I fell in love with Claire and the two gorgeous boys, Adam and Chris. If I'm honest, I'd fallen for Chris before his character spoke his first words in his first scene... maybe that is a sign!!!

On this beautiful book journey the reader makes a number of discoveries, the biggest and most intense being Claires..... it is these discoveries that drives the story forward and by the end of book 1, I was rooting for the characters. I've already finished book 2 (It is AMAZING!!!) and I'm straight onto book 3. Over all, this series is cute, sexy and sad and has a 4-5 star feel about it with lovable characters and an interesting story. xxxx

Just beautiful!!

BR with my lovely, Barb... xxx