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The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz 5 ‘I’ve been Soren-ed’ stars…..

"Adult love. Private love. Passionate love."

WOW... just wow!!!! I have so many feelings about this book... Now I accept everything.... I LOVE everything... it's been one amazing journey of passionate kink and love and I've absolutely been mesmerized by it. Entranced by it. Tiffany Reisz is one amazing writer, I CANNOT fault her..... every single character earns their place in greatness.... It's awe inspiring...... I'm going to attempt to unscramble the thoughts in my mind.... there's just so much to this story, so many layers and depths of brilliance.... this series is pure gold....and genius!!!!

At the end of the last book……

The thief has been discovered…...

Nora is in great peril…..

“….time is running out.” ~ Soren

This fourth installment of The Original Sinners series, shows that love has the power to be, not only passionate, erotic and sexy, but incredibly obsessive and dangerous as well…….

“….eventually we all must pay for our sins.”
~ Said the evil bitch!!!

“This wasn’t sadism or some role-play between consenting adults. This was violence real violence and danger, the most pressing danger.”

The characters who own my heart in this book are, without any doubt in my mind, Soren, Nora and Kingley..... (Griffin and Michael are right up there too!!!)

Wes, Laila, Grace and Zach are also all fantastic and characters I'd love to read more about in the future.

I never thought a conversation between Wes and Soren would reduce me to tears..... Wesley, for me, is representative of a lot of peoples initial perception of Soren... and I would include myself in that....

What is the greatest sacrifice of all???? I think we are faced with it in this heart breaking story.... it smacks you in the face and painfully twists the knife.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you, Eleanor. Nothing I wouldn't do to help you. And nothing I wouldn't do to save you. Nothing." ~ Soren

I love Nora and Soren as a couple..…. I love all the characters sharing????? What am I saying???? I don’t know.... This author has made me, not want their life, but love the fact that they have it for themselves.


♥What will become of this love???

Soren suffered greatly as a child.... it made him who he is, made him strong, gave him his faith, his capacity to love, his understanding and awareness of other people....

"I will never take you anywhere you don't want to go......But there will be times you might not enjoy the trip there."

I now understand how Soren feels about his desires....his sadism..... but he is who he is, the people who love him, and the people he loves, are consenting adults with safe words.

"How nice when dreams come true." ~Soren

"I fantasized about kink before I met him..... He does kink because he has to. I do it because I want to."

I understand his reasons and rationale for sharing...???

.....the reasons why Nora may sometimes needs someone else...the reasons why he had a platonic relationship with Kingsley for many years....

♥ it all becomes crystal clear in The Mistress.....

"Soren still loved him, had always loved him, would always love him. But he'd feared inflicting irreparable harm....."

My heart hurt so much for them..... I felt so desperate for Kingsley.... He discovers something amazing, something he never believed possible and I'm not talking about his sister.... then he's faced with a dire situation.... WHAT WILL HE DO????

♥ Tiffany Reisz has shown me that Soren is a good man and does everything for the best of reasons.....

Soren demonstrates his Catholic faith very clearly.....
......and the fact that he is so calm and spiritual, gives him an aura of peace, tranquility and authority.

I understand why Nora does Not want Soren to sacrifice his vocation.


I have never read a book where my deepest desire was for all the characters to live in one big kinky commune???

I understand One week loan with complete clarity....

"I loaned Eleanor to Daniel. I gave Daniel to Eleanor."

It didn't show Soren's cruelty (well maybe it did a little.) What it showed with absolute certainty is Nora's deep everlasting love for Soren.

If I doubted I would grow to love Soren all doubt has now gone; the end of this book completely pulled at my heart. He makes everything make sense ..... How could anyone get to the end of The Mistress and not love him for who he is???

There was no past tense with Soren. When he loved, what he loved, who he loved he loved eternally. "Sometimes the only way to show them you love them is to let them go."

What would become of Nora and all the people she loves.....??? The ending of this book had me in complete bits.....even reading my highlighted quotes now is causing my heart to hurt. Nora prayed, and I cried... her words are so moving and inspiring and hopeful.... She shows her true strength and love in her prayers.

"....hiding in her heart where she kept all her most beautiful memories of Soren."




"....all three of them belonged together, and they would never let anything or anyone divide them again."

♥ What will be the next generation of Kink????

Tiffany Reisz please give me more of their future!!!!!! PLEASE!!!


♥ BR with Deanna and lots of other lovely ladies. Reading and discussing this series with others has made it even more special for me, I've loved every miniute, Barb, Deanna, Irene, Mo, Sarah, Shannon & Stella and probably lots of others...... xxxxx