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The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz "I watched you watch me."


We have the North.... past and present with Kinglsey, Soren & Nora

We have the South..... the present with Wes and Nora.

What will we have in future....??????

The Prince turns things upside down for me......


Not only is this a highly erotic book with all kinds of kinkiness but its a wonderful passionate love story and a spectacular 'who done it???'

It has everything......

All the painful delicate issues you could imagine; difficult topics and themes are layered into this series. They're revealed through a fabulous story that's utterly compelling....

There's a thief......who is it??? I had many suspects..... I'm not going to list them....my gut instinct was right and I don't want to give you any clues.... just go with the flow.... there's one major clue ...... it's so exciting.... I love it!!!!!!


Who experiences the greatest love of all....???
♥Who does your heart belong to...???
♥Who do you want to see have their desires and dreams completely fulfilled??

Just some of the thoughts going round in my head...


There are parts to this story that are quite brutal, hard to understand and rationalize, but there are also extremely tender moments; a touch, a look or a thought from a character brings you back from being uncomfortable to melting at two peoples affection and adoration for each other.


In places The Prince is truly beautiful.... the emotions it evokes from the characters are so very powerful it translates with equal force to the reader..... that's how it felt to me anyway.

Nora is still on her man journey and taking me with her all the way....

"... I missed who I was with you..."

Nora likes who she is with Wes, her summer, "...you make me a different person, a better person..." This is the most articulate book I have ever read in describing how people can love more than one person, and in different ways.

Wes and Nora made me feel tingly when they finally made the move.....when Wes said...."Let's go to bed." I swooned...

Who is the real Nora....???
♥Are we products of our experiences???
♥Can you be anyone you choose to be....???
♥Has destiny and fate already laid a path for you......???
♥Do you have to choose...???

Can you have everything????

In the South I saw a taste of what I wanted for Nora's character, what I thought would be the ideal..... I loved it, it made me warm inside, but at the same time, I'm not sure that's really what I want for her anymore.... or that it's the best for her.... confused..??? I certainly am......


"He is in fact the best man on earth,
not that anyone ever believes me
when I tell them that."


"Anyone who knows him
at all loves him. And if they
don't love him, then they do
not know him."


We learn a lot more about Soren and Kinglsley's time at Saint Ignatius. Their friendship, their connection... their love, their kinks It was all to last a lifetime, the friends were to be forever entwined.

We gain further understanding of all the 'loves'..... There are reasons for everything and Tiffany Reisz has so masterfully weaved them into this series.... weaved them and blown our minds.

"They had dreamed of such a girl as this...... He had found her and he would share her." ~ Kingsley


"When you love somebody, they own you whether you're kinky or not." .......True ♥

P.S. I adore Kingsley ♥

BR with my lovely Deanna, Stella and Sarah..... xxxxx
And lots of support from Mo & Irene.... TOS lovers xxxx