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Eyes Wide Open  (The Blackstone Affair, #3) - Raine Miller Four and a half Ethan Loving Stars


"Ethan possessed a skill set that combined hot, bad-boy sex god with mannerly, romantic gentlemen; something so rare and captivating."

"My kinky, foul-mouthed, romantic gentleman lover."
David Gandy with Jaguar XJ Supersport (2012)

"You love the things I do to you with this filthy mouth." "Mmmmmm, I so do."


“Eyes on me baby”

♥"Forget about everything else and look at me, Brynne." ♥

"I kept getting better inside my head because of Ethan......"

"Ethan's dark place was still as mysterious to me as it had ever been."

♥They soothed each other, took care of one anothers dark places ♥

By Louise Docker from sydney, Australia (My heart in your hands) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

"Brynne was my heaven. I'd seek out my heaven endlessly."

"Ethan made me feel precious when he kissed me. No other man had ever made me feel so loved."


The erotic descriptions of their intimate actions were so powerful, passionate and intense. It was off the scale sexy!!! It took my breath away!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

"He took my mouth as the orgasm ripped into me, filling another part of me.......binding us together more deeply."

"Yeah the f*cking had always been hot and wickedly good for us."

"I'm goin to give you my c*ck-very...very...slowly. So slow and so far up in you you'll feel every molecule of me......inside you."

SMOKING HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man has it all, and so, it seems does Brynne!! Lucky Lady!!

For me personally, the second book was my favourite but Ethan ♥ Blackstone is a sexy sweat heart all the way through the series. The writer let me down very slightly with some of the Britishness (sorry) but it was unimportant to my love of Ethan!! This book finishes the story beautifully; I am a happy and content little lady!!


"...what a ride the last few months had been. Very bumpy and full of unexpected twists and turns, but in the end, worth it because of this moment-and where we were going right now-forward into a future together."

"For you, Ethan. For your eyes only," "I love you with all of my heart, and all of my mind, and with all of my body. It belongs to you now."

"We had the luxury of forever right now and we would take it for the precious gift that it was."
♥ ♥

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