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The Art of Domination - Ella Dominguez Fabulous!!!!
“All I think about is you…..”
“I love and live for only you…...”
“I want only you…..”
Dylan Young
Dylan and Isa are, without doubt, one intense, crazy couple!!!!

They are 5 months into their BDSM relationship and Isa vows to stay with Dylan, but will they survive the drama that is their life?

Dylan is closed off and secretive about his past, he’s threatened by an ex-lover and everything he knows and loves is put at risk.

This story has it all!!! It’s highly erotic, humorous, suspensful, dark and mysterious…......…the characters are amazing together..…...…hot, hot, hot!!!!

Dylan reveals his true dominant and sadistic nature to Isa!!!! Yikes, he becomes scary and mean and as a reader you become concerned as to how far he will push her??? When does it become unacceptable???
“There are no safe words tonight, Isabel. You’ll have to trust me to know what you can and cannot handle……I’ll push your limits….”
It’s a dark, uncomfortable read at times, some of the shenanigans make you wince but they are both on board with it, this makes it ok?………I think………The fact is throughout it all, Isa goes along with Dylan’s wishes and fantasies. Does she have a choice? Actually, yes I believe she does, at all times, but she enjoys pleasing him and as she says, “….something about Dylan brings out my darkside.” Isa enjoys their sexcapades, they arouse her and she loves pleasing her man and being his submissive. She wants to belong to him and in Isa’s words….
“I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t enjoy this. Yes. I enjoy it. More than that – I love it.”
Isa has her own dominant tendencies, but to what extent can they be revealed?
Dylan says,
“I love when you’re submissive…...
I love when you’re defiant……..
I love everything about you……..”
“My heart skips a beat and my panties dampen to his words.”

It’s a story with a BDSM theme…….highly erotic………..dark……..…intense….……humiliating (sometimes) but for me, most of all, this book is about a couples passionate, irrevocable love for one another and the way they choose to express it.


“He’s helped me learn to like myself.”

“I own you, Isabel Young – all of you - mind, body and soul. Your body is mine to do whatever I want with it,” he says as he bites my earlobe."

“Because you’ve taught me how to love.” Dylan Young

“He smiles at me and his eyes gloss over. His gaze is burning into my sole and I ache to have him again and again and again. I just want to crawl inside his heart and exist there forever.”

“She’s belonged to me her whole life, but I only got my hands on her five months ago.”

Blockquote>“So do we get our happily ever after now?” I ask. He kneels down in front of me and grabs my hands and kisses the tops of them. “Yes our version of happily after,” he answers with sparkling blue eyes. “The version with whips and cuffs, right?” I ask. “That’s the only kind of happily ever after I want, love.”
“Dylan is without a doubt, mantastic.”

BR with seductress Barb!!! We had some giggles with this one!!!