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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) - Ella Frank Once upon a time...


‘Some things were just meant to be.'


Exquisite is the story of Lena and Mason......

Dr. Lena O'Donnell is smart (well, she is a doctor!!), stubborn, quick witted and has a great sense of humour but on the inside she is struggling through life, trying to cope with herself imposed guilt and, well, failing really. She's miserable, self contained, not really living....she couldn’t forget or move on from one fateful night nine years earlier.

Lena has detached herself from feeling love, both giving and receiving, that way she cannot get hurt!

Then fate lends a helping hand....

Mason 'Oh man did he smell amazing' Langley. Restaurateur extraordinaire, who wants to know her more, because she 'fascinates' him.


‘Mr Pain-In-The-Ass with the sexy eyes.’ He is super gorgeous; a man who goes after what he wants and in Lena's eyes a 'serial womaniser.'

She whispered, ‘I think I just came from looking at you.’

There are lots of sexy, naughty times. SMOKING HOT action <3 <i>Mmmmmm...Lovely!!!

‘I want to do so many dirty things with you; to name them all wouldn’t be possible.’ ~ Mason




‘She’d never felt a first kiss that had been so hot she felt like she’d melted from the inside out. His hands were still on her, his body pressed against her, and from the waist down, he was all kinds of hard.’ Oh YES. YES. YES. <3 <3 <3 </blockquote>

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He turns her world on its head before a twist of fate briefly interrupts them.....again........will they live happily ever after?

I urge you to read this series!! Ella Franks has a fabulous writing style, it flows so naturally and she offers a dual POV throughout which I absolutely love!!!

So, why only 4 stars, you ask? This is why....

It was all slightly too nice in places a little soap drama-ish but after reading the following 2 books, I can say that this series gets better and better and I LOVE Lena and Mason's characters. Personally, I would have liked to feel a little more emotion and angst for a truly 5 star read. None of this spoiled the story for me.....

‘Because once upon a time I met a man who saved me,’
‘We saved each other’ Mason ♥


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