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Submit to Desire - Tiffany Reisz Submit....

Kingsley Edge is a Matchmaker with a difference. His clients have,
"...specific desires."


He's looking for a match for a very wealthy, attractive client....
"A dominant desires his submissive trust him enough to allow him to take her even when she is afraid."

*Who is this client???
*Will he be able to train the lady who has caught his eye???
*Will she be able to submit and meet the clients' kinky desires????


This exciting, erotically enhanced short story is delightful and gave more insight into the world Kinglsey reigns supreme in, "...his kinky little community." We also see Kingsley's caring side present itself; he eloquently explains the way things are in his world....and how fabulous that world is for those who choose to experience it. He's very sure of himself, content in his own skin and that is a very, very SEXY quality in a man.

I LOVED it and would like to see more of the strong submissive he trained so thoroughly..... ***wink wink*** Things got very, very HOT!!!!!! And Tiffany gave us a very nice little ending...

Thanks Rosalinda for advising me to read this before THE Prince.... I feel a much better connection to Kingsley's character after reading.... Submit to Desire.

♥ BR with my lovely, Deanna... think it was just the two of us for this one????