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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz

The Angel takes place a year after the end of The Siren......

Nora enjoys sex and enjoys it with different people.. this isn't your usual romance story but it's her story... her desires

Once again we get a story full of delicious erotically charged situations, shown to us in such beautiful detail... and a story that explores the unusual in human desires...... again I will not spoil the story with my review, I just have a few thoughts.... okay..... scratch that... a lot of thoughts.... I have a lot to say!!!!


This series, for me, raises questions about morality, about love.... What do I think is acceptable and right between two people...??? What would I be comfortable with??? It also, undoubtedly, raises questions about the Catholic Faith…..

"You have a distinctly Catholic look in your eyes......Guilt." If you're a Catholic you'll totally get this.... it made me laugh with mirth, it's so true... I will leave Catholicism here…..

What would happen if their affair was revealed???
***There would be far reaching consequences in many areas....

Soren has the opportunity of a new job; a promotion that would change everything and put life as they know it, at risk...

Suzanne.... our antagonist.... is a reporter sent to uncover Soren??? But what is she meant to discover??? And who tipped her off??? She's incredibly attracted to Soren... he's blond, tall, striking....and staggeringly charismatic..... Who wouldn't be attracted???

"Extremely intelligent and
ridiculously handsome."


Suzanne has been Soren-ed.

"Soren is a sadist and a dominant."

Soren never seems to get and angry, he's very calm and has a "...peace and certainty," aura about him, he's the master of control. And he's so wise and all knowing, like he's of some higher power... in some ways it's quite spooky.....

"In their huge underground kinky community, no one commanded more respect or fear than Soren."

We learn a lot more about his family life, how he came into the world, details about his sister....his mother.... his father... the things he's sacrificed.... when Soren tells his story it gave me goosebumps..... Is this why he is who he is??? Or would he have had certain desires and proclivities anyway???

Do I feel sympathy for his choices, his sacrifice...??? Has he really sacrificed anything???

"For Soren, S & M was like air or water-he needed it to function."


"Her body came alive with pain, pain that turned to pleasure as he continued his assault on her."

This has to be one of my favorite quotes from Nora, it made me laugh...... To a member of the church congregation she says, "If it's an abomination, it's because your doing it wrong. Bear down hard, then relax. It'll fit better."

As well as having a great sense of humor, Nora is caring and fiercely loyal and has an immense capacity to love..... my question is, and I still don't know the answer my heart wants, who exactly should she love????? Should she love and be with Soren???? What about Wesley???

I feel like she doesn't think she deserves anything more than she has... I get that from the character... I think.... and not my pre-conceived ideals "...wanted him....not for the sex. For something else so much deeper and scarier...." Surely she could have it all with Wes to some degree????

Wesley is there in the background of this book, not a main feature but a definite presence. We find out a little more about him also...

But... Soren??? Soren?? Soren??? I'm so bloody confused????


The one thing I find really hard to get my head around is....

"Since he owned her, he could lend her out and she'd still be his."


"...as long as no one hurt her-that was his job alone."
It's almost like the pain is the highest level of intimacy???

Sharing..... such intimate moments shared with more people than I, or society, would consider normal yet there was something so tender about it in one particular place...???? I don't understand.... but....???

Is it the constraints society puts on us that makes us think their sharing lifestyle is wrong....? Is it so wrong if that's what they both want?? They are open and honest, there's no sneaking around... it's not for me personally, but maybe it's perfect for some? Maybe it could be liberating for some?

I don't understand their relationship but it seems to work for, Nora and Soren and other characters is this book... sharing, sexual infidelity, extreme BDSM....

The most shocking act blood play was so raw and intimate... Nora and Soren have a closeness and an awareness of each other that is untouchable...it's deep.... and if I'm honest it touched my heart at times. Whilst Soren is not for me, I'm completely invested in them as a couple and at certain points I felt like my heart was routing for them to be together in the strange world they seem to thrive in. They're not harming anyone and only hurting themselves.

Griffin Fiske is laird of the manor. Tattooed, playboy millionaire and one time druggie... boy did he shine in this book. He shone so bright, I was completely enamored with him and his story.

Michael.....Your heart breaks for Michael and with that heart break comes a want..... to understand him and his S & M lifestyle choice...

"Michael is absolutely, completely, ridiculously beautiful." and for me that's both inside and out...... He's so young but his story of self discovery about who he is and who he needs to be was touchingly beautiful. To see it unfold, the realization for him….. the belief in himself....just stunning....

"Love was fcuking terrifying." ~ Michael

One of the most memorable things for me was the emergence of the most amazing relationship between Michael & Griffin All of their scenes left me wanting more of them and more for them... their love to me was stunning and powerful.... I had feelings of sadness and disbelief towards the dad and to people who cannot accept same sex relationships.... love is love..... this led me to think, well.... what is wrong with the lifestyle Soren and Nora choose.... I don't understand the sharing and the extreme pain and other activities ....why would they want that??? But shouldn't we just accept that it is there way.... love is love..... just a thought...

The author shows us through the eyes of all the characters. She gives us a pick n mix.... who's the one???

"She seemed to be something of a man-collector."

I love and adore the way Nora's mind wonders off into the past to give us glimpses and insight into all the major characters. It fleshes out the story creates ambiance... lets us understand why... provides years of information in a show and not tell kind of way. Nora pulls us in and out of her past effortlessly.

Tiffany Reisz shows, shows and then shows some more, she gives us amazing descriptions so we see them but as well as seeing them we feel them. I started to feel Soren... feel things about him I maybe shouldn't... I'm still not completely his but...???

This author is taking me on some kind of amazing man character journey, destination unknown......and I'm loving every single kinky minute ♥I'm fighting against being Soren-ed but I can feel it coming....