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Reckless - Skye Jordan 4.5 Smiling, Shiny, Stars


♥ Reckless was like fantasy imagination land for me, it drew me in immediately and I LOVED it.

The story is about two gorgeous people looking for something....they both have success in their careers but, as with all our perfect H/h, they need more, even though they may NOT realize it.

"My name is Lexi and I'm a sexual train wreck."

Lexi, our lady, is a 28 year old, '...all-American Blonde.....Over the last 2 years, she'd become the most expensive, most in-demand couture wedding dress designer in Southern California." But would her career opportunities cost her in other areas of her life???? She has a beautiful face and a body to die for....but she's fed up of people only wanting her for show, for horrible shallow, selfish reasons.....

Jax,Stuntman extraordinaire and former actor.....what can I say about this piece of perfect gorgeousness with a, '...muscled torso,' and a sexy jacket.....? I was swooning and melting all over the place....he has the right looks, the right words and it seems he's an expert at SEXTING..... that's right sexting, the art of sending delicious naughty texts, WORD TEXTS...there should be more of this kind of SEXTING...... I for one am going to partaking; he's an expert lover too!!!!

"I like the fiery, fast sex, fast sex so passionate your vision blurs."

"I like wild, frantic, have-to-have you sex that burns you alive."

"I like the kind of sex that includes sliding my tongue into all your very tight spaces.""

"I just love wickedly hot sex with a woman who loves wickedly hot sex."

Oh, Jax....YES, YES, YES & YES.....PLEASE


Reckless is off the scale delicious with its steam and romance factors. It gives you hot, wild, wonderful..... need-to-change-your-knickers kind of hot, hot sex!!!!

"When I fcuk you baby, it's going to be for hours."

"Let everything go and ride my mouth."

Can you see why I had a smile on my face the whole way through?

Sometimes I need emotional roller-coaster type reads, full of raw angst, and sometimes I need....'Reckless,' something fantastically amazing.... something that sets my romantic imaginations or daydreams on fire.....something where I'm not going to worry about things going wrong or characters being arses... Reckless delivered and I LOVED IT ... it gave me just what I needed.

Beautiful, romantic and heart melting

"Risk. Jax is all about risk. And letting go."

The only thing that stopped me from giving the full 5 shiny stars was a small part at the end. Jax and his motivation for his actions, when he left her was just a little lame, imo. I still loved it but, I would have preferred it to be slightly different. I'm being picky, I know..... it's a very small thing and didn't spoil my enjoyment or detract from the story, it's all make-believe anyway!!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a story about Lexi's fabulous best friend, Rubi and Jax's cheeky friend, Wes.....

"I'll stay...Always." ~ Jax

♥ BR with the fabulous B & D ♥

♥ A big thank you to Lkay and Mo for highly recommending this gorgeous book!!!