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Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5) - Tiffany Reisz

Seven.... Day.... Loan.... The title says it all......and we're not talking about books here, ladies.....??? It's hard for me to get my head around.... Sharing??? Passing around like an object, a possession????

I'm trying to understand!!!


A lot can happen in seven days.....

I loved those seven days, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. ♥

Those seven days moved me to tears...... and got to my heart in many ways. I never expected this short story to move me the way it did.... but it happened, and I long to uncover more about the phenomenon that is Nora & Soren.

Daniel's divine, so lonely and so very lovely......They're good companions and, in those seven days, have all the time in the world together...... It seems to me that with Daniel, she tastes the relationship she truly desires with Soren, She gives Seven Days Loan.... but is there a chance she's risking more???? Her heart, maybe???


This story is mind blowing, again..... and says a lot about the power and control one person can have over another. Such power, that ultimately, they're confident in the outcome of..... Seven Days Loan????

"You....are a force of nature."

I know this probably will never happen but TEAM NORA & DANIEL!!!!! Just saying. ♥

BR with, Deanna, Sarah & Stella xxx