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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz 5I really don’t know where to begin…….. Stars


A good friend told me this book needs to be revealed as you read it, and they are absolutely right, so let me attempt to give you just a flavor of my experience and feelings without spoiling your enjoyment....


This is a highly erotic, kinky, dark, intense read where you enter another world; the world of Nora & Soren


My head is a complete ball of fuzz after reading The Siren. I spent the whole time feeling my mind would explode from the intense themes, characters, scenarios…. Goodness..... this book is NOT to be missed and creates strong emotions and thoughts, intense discussions about the characters and story which, for me takes the book to a higher level and enhances the passion of reading. It challenges, evokes, disgusts; all thoughts and opinions are valid, it’s just so hard to sort them out from the jumbled mess they become in your spinning head.

"Imagine being as deep inside a woman's mind as you are inside her body." ~ Nora

What is right? What is wrong?? Who do I like??? Who’s controlling who???? Who has my emotional loyalty?????
Should I be feeling this??????


Soren, you're charismatic, powerful, sexy, sinful....but you cross too many lines for me personally. I’m still not really sure what I think about you, I felt a softening at one point but then……eeeek, I can’t say….. Are you evil.....? That's maybe too strong a word and I don't think you are....Bad...??? Maybe.... Caring??? I think YES...(shocking, I know)..... Manipulative....??? I think yes...I saw you in action showing this ugliness You used Nora's unwavering trust in you in an abhorrent way with Michael, imo

"...if this is love then he shouldn't love you anymore."

I felt how you gave Nora the strength to continue with her book. I can feel your love for each other, it's palpable,..... it's just... what comes with it, doesn't make it beautiful and I like love to be beautiful.

"....the pain bought her to life..."

Nora, I need to know more about your past…. WHY WHY WHY.... I think I like you, Nora, I think I've warmed to your vulnerable side. You're one kinky lady who likes to give; men adore you... you're beautiful, sexy and resilient and I think you strive to do the best thing in your own 'special' way. People say you're strong, in many ways I think you are, but I want you to be stronger!!!



Wes, you're an adorable, innocent, pure loving sweet heart….. So genuine and gorgeous, I shed a few tears for you, my dreamboat..... I WANT YOU, you may be too good for Nora......?

Zach, I'm really sorry, I know you're a necessary character but you bored me... I found you to be a bit of a plonker.... maybe that'll change????


So to sum up my thoughts and feelings towards the characters......I'm team Nora and Soren, I think, but I lust after Wesley.... I think that's ok....? Or would I like to see her with Wes????? Zach...? I've sort of forgotten about him already!!! lol

One thing is absolutely certain, this series leaves you wanting to delve more into Nora's S & M world of passion, love and intrigue.

The Siren left me feeling unsure about everything and so I guess the jury is still out. What I DO know is that this is an amazingly written book, it gets everyone talking passionately and I feel like I'm on some kind of mind blowing journey, on a road to who knows where? And I don't want to stop yet!!!!! If you're one of the few who hasn't taken the ride, and you enjoy an intense, dark, thought provoking read, then jump on board, I think you'll enjoy.

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