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Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward 4 work-hard-for-your-story Stars

"Sometimes words didn't go far enough, the vessels of letters and the ladles of grammar incapable of holding the hearts sentiments."

This book's bloody hard work for the first 45% but oh, so worth it in the end...... worth the effort and slight boredom for the epicness of the continuation of the Black Dagger Brotherhood story.......


"Phury's a good male. A great male. He loves deeply."

I ♥ this series. I've fallen in love with the gorgeous hunks of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. There are those..... Viscous & Butch who are my absolute favorites and then there's Phury?????...The character whom this book is supposed to focus on????

"He was a two-hundred-year-old clueless celibate."

In reality, as per all the books in this series, J R Ward weaves and winds various other story-lines, characters, and awesomeness through this book.... she's the queen of interweaving stories.... however, in this one she may have over-weaved, just slightly. You feel me?


I felt nervous anticipation during most of this book.

Lover Enshrined is a story about being lost, finding yourself, traditions, antiquated systems....standing up for what you believe in, sacrifice, innovation, a story of change...brother love, acceptance, understanding. It highlights the hypocrisy in their beliefs.... is there a message in there? There's a lot of deep and meaningful context in this story which, in my opinion, reflect real life.


We see Vampire history in the making.

A good friend compared the BDB to family, and I agree, we put up with them even when they annoy us and this is how I felt with this book. I love the series so much I was ok with being bored with the first half...the second part completely made up for it.

The ending still gave me that warm satisfied feeling, the fuzzies, so if you're reading this series and have heard Phury's book is not that great then, take heart, it gets there in the end.

"Change was the only hope they had for the future."

"The Chosen will finally get to choose."

"I am the strength of the race, I am the Primale. And so shall I rule."

♥ An epic BR with Barb, Deanna and Pam ♥
♥ Thank you to Anna for sending us a lovely song for Phury, and her lovely voice, it put a big smile on my face and helped a lot!!! ♥