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Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris image

I read this series back to back last year.

I loved the world of Bon Temps.....a magical world with delicious Vampires, Witches, Fairies, Shapeshifters, Weres.....so many possibilities and it gave us everything....LOVE, SUSPENSE, INTRIGUE, PASSION, wonderful characters and of course the fabulous series that is TRUE BLOOD. I have a lot to be thankful for with this series.

I was so excited about this 13th and final book, right up until it was released...what would happen to my beloved characters???

It soon became apparent, from reviews that this book was not what the fans expected.....my expectations were managed and I put off reading the book for quite some time.

And in the end I was totally....


My thought was, 'This is how you're ending an epic series?? A series that your fans adore???'


Further more it was actually quite boring.....in my opinion.

Charlaine Harris had a plan for the ending of this series and she stuck to her intention, it's a shame she didn't consider her fans in this plan, that's just my opinion.

I can understand the message behind the ending..... Sookie Stackhouse doesn't need any man to survive...she's strong and perfectly fine on her own???? She maybe fine but the fans needed something else!!!!