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Scored - Lily Harlem 3 Football Loving Lewis Stars

So, fairly ordinary girl meets superstar football player…….

“The man was devastatingly beautiful…..the star of all my dirty dreams and football fantasies….”

Somehow she catches his eye….....
…………but can the dream become a reality for our heroine????? Or will people and other obstacles get in their way???

♥ ♥ ♥

Our heroine Nicky is a football loving journalist who works for a football magazine called Kick ~ result!!!…....

She has her dream job AND she’s sent to cover the European Cup…..she’s so happy….. and cannot begin to imagine the events that will come her way………

♥ ♥ ♥

It was quite funny in places; Nicky’s a quirky character with a great personality and Lewis.....well there's nothing NOT to LOVE about the blonde haired, kind and passionate, hot stuff that is Lewis Tate!!!

“I’d never wanted a man as much as I wanted Lewis Tate.”

It’s a very light happy-go-lucky read with lots of gorgeous sexy times.....xx

OH YES!!!!

The sex was HOT HOT HOT and very detailed...LOVED the detail of their sexual activities it was yummy!!!
Let me tell you reader he knew a whole lot more than that!!!

However....in places I found myself a little bored, it was too detailed at times about things I didn't need to know about...yikes...only during some parts (the detailed sex was fab!!!)...I actually wish I'd known the book was going to end at 70% because I could feel it had finished but it looked like I had a lot of book left??? I don't know if this put me off a little...so.... top tip, the e-book finishes at around 70%!!!!!

I kept waiting for something epic to happen but it just kind of simmered along, I would've liked a little more light and shade. I think some of the issues could've been further explored and developed to create more drama and angst and I wish we had learned more about the characters histories, but that is just my opinion.

“…in his arms I had found my contentment….”

Overall a nice, light, steamy read that, in the end, at the climax of the story, gave me the warm fuzzies and that's got to be good, right?