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The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle Re-read 4th - 5th August 2013

“He is the ultimate bad boy of rock.”


I decided to spend a little time with an old book boyfriend and indulged myself in a delicious re-read. I want to be ready for Jake and the release of the hotly anticipated ~ [b:Wethering The Storm|16053316|Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2)|Samantha Towle|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1368083888s/16053316.jpg|21837591]

So, what do you get if you indulge in The Mighty Storm????


Am I setting the scene?

Teenagers…....loved each other.....boy left......girl was sad……….He’s been away for 12 years…...…they lost contact?? Why???

Then what?????

A love triangle…....

Stable long term, loving boyfriend
An old friend......bad boy rocker.......alpha in the extreme….....A Rock Star??????

♥ ♥ ♥

Both the hero and the heroine are wonderful characters and as the reader you WANT so much for them....read it (if you haven't already) and you will see!!! Jake is gorgeous and Tru, well, I'd like to be best friends with her.

♥ The Mighty Storm takes you on a delicious journey and makes you feel so much...it has it all, LOVE, PAIN, ANGST, SEX, CONFLICT, TEARS, HEARTBREAK .....it makes my heart warm and sad and happy.......simply a stunning read and one that I'm sure I'll devour again and again.

♥ If you love a rock star than this, in my opinion is one of the greats!!!! YOU WILL LOVE JAKE!!!!

“I wear my scars, they don’t wear me.” ~ Jake

For all the Jake lovers, here are some beautiful quotes to remind you of our love for The Mighty Storm and our Superstar Rock Star!!!
“It’s always been him my whole life."

"He’s my best friend. My everything.”

“I loved you from the moment I knew how to love.” ~ Jake

“It’s always been you.”

My original thoughts about this book, back when I didn't say much....lol....

*I really enjoyed this book. Great characters. Very good escapism!!!

Now I'm waiting for the next book!!!!