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Knight & Stay (Knight, #2) - Kitty French
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“.....theirs was a closeness that went way beyond physical proximity. She was under his skin. Moving closer to his heart. He just didn’t know it yet, because no one else had ever found the pathway in before.”

“They were lovers, except without the love. It was about sex. Amazing, fantastic, not-ready-to-walk-away-from-it-yet sex.”
In Knight and Play Sophie has the most mind blowing, erotic week of her life with Lucien Knight, “The man was a walking, talking poster boy for his own sinfully sexy empire.”

But then the week is over and she has to face reality: Her marriage is in ruins, and probably has been for some time, and Lucien is not a man who loves or even wants to love. Where does this leave Sophie? Where does this leave Lucien? And can she continue to work for him?

Rules……there has to be strict rules (NO touching!!!) for Sophie to work for Mr ‘I don’t do love’ Lucien Knight.

They go to Paris........The rules change

Sophie has the “……fantasy man at her disposal….” And they have a lot of sexy fun time!!! Woo hoo!! Champagne and everything!!!!!
“I love what this place does to you.”
“I also love that you are naked underneath this dress.”
“I still love your tits.”
“I loved having you at my mercy.”
“the man bewitched her.” But still he couldn’t say those three little words………...he believes, “Love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage, as they say. It f*cks people up.”

What is love? It seems Lucien does not understand the meaning, he is in denial. He is struggling with his emotions, with his past, his mother, his father..........he means it when he says he doesn't want to love her he would rather walk away....heartbreaking....
“…he’d taught her how to be a confident lover, now it was her turn to teach him how to have the confidence to love.”

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“….....was willing to spend a lifetime showing him what love could be: beautiful not ugly, uplifting not detructive, and more precious than diamonds.”
“Sophie Black, the girl who surprised him. He’d never met anyone quite like her before. On first glance she was quiet and unassuming, but scratch the surface and she was spectacular.”

“Let’s do this forever, princess,”

“No boundaries, no lies, and no one else were the three golden rules they’d built their relationship on, and boy did Lucien like to test her boundaries often. Life at his side was never boring, and she’d never been happier.”

“You asked me in Paris how many women I’d loved. I said one. I should have said two………As a child I loved my mother, and as a man I love you.”

“Pleasure so exquisite that her entire body thrummed with it, and emotions so expansive and consuming that she didn’t know where Lucien ended and she began.”

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