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Love and Fire (House of Temptation, #1) - Miranda J. Fox

I always find novella's difficult to rate because they always leave me wanting MORE and this book was no exception......is that a good or a bad thing? These are my thoughts...

The opening was fantastic and drew me right into the world of,

Love and Fire ~ The House of Temptation
where there's,
"...only one rule...let yourself go."

Miranda J. Fox creates the perfect setting and characters for an erotic novel, the innocent and slightly wounded in love Emma, and the delicious, wealthy bachelor, James Carter.


Initially I felt that it was a story like many others of this genre......but, I read it a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it, so there must be something about Emma & James Carter.

I would definitely like to read more and discover where their story takes them. I would hope for more intrigue, more eroticism, more twists and turns and lots of hidden secrets; I'm sure we'll get them.

My Wish List for Love and Fire.....

*Personally, I would have liked Emma to be older, her character didn't ring true to me at only 21, but that's only my opinion.

*I would have liked greater insight into the back stories of the characters in order to connect with them more. It was sexy and erotic but, because I didn't connect with the characters, it felt slightly empty.

*Emma's friend, from her actions, didn't really seem like the good friend she's described as which I believe made Emma look a little stupid.....again, this is only my opinion.

♥ ♥ ♥

Even though I have a little wish list, I still enjoyed reading about Emma & James, so if you're in the mood for a short, sexy read then you will enjoy this story.

I'm looking forward to more!!!

Arc kindly provided by Miranda J. Fox for my honest review