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Wicked Allure - Leslie C. Ferdinand **Arc provided by Leslie C. Ferdinand for my honest review**

Wicked Allure ~
"A place that offers the ultimate pleasure and pure bliss."

36 Year old Zachary Steele has hidden scars and he does not believe in permanent relationships or happily-ever-afters', so 3 years ago he ended his relationship with the much younger, Madigan DeLeon by cruelly betraying her and breaking her heart.

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"She'd believed in him and trusted him and loved him."

*Was that the biggest mistake of his life?

*He hurt her so deeply...is there any way back for them?

Family relationships, good and bad, come into play in a big way, old family businesses and ties, drugs, lies and secrets.....there is a lot at stake for Zach and Madigan.

With her mother's interference, Madigan is back in Zach’s life. She finds herself running a very 'exclusive' club with Zach.

This book is steaming hot in places; the author knows how to write, amazing delicious sex!!

"Zach had taught her to enjoy her own body and to feast upon his."
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"He was using his tongue to inflict the sweetest torture upon her. Licking. Lapping. Stroking....Shivers seized her and she convulsed against his mouth, frantic and intense."

"The only thing he liked better than tonguing Madigan was being inside of her."

The things I didn't enjoy about this story......There are lots of additional characters and stories intertwined which, at times, made it feel a little disjointed. Madigan's relationship with her mother and father did not seem believable to me, her parent's actions and reactions did not have a sense of truth to them. I wasn't keen on all the extra stories concerning other characters, it felt unnecessary and inconsequential, I wanted the focus to be on Zach and Madigan; they were the stars.

The things I LOVED....I really enjoyed the relationship between Zach and Madigan, I liked watching it play out and develop and the way the author took us into their past together. This was great storytelling!!! And the sex between them was HOT, HOT, HOT, off the scale scolding, in fact. Yes, I enjoyed those parts very, very much!!


"His words cemented their love, once and for all, imprinting her heart, mind, body and soul."

Unconditionally and forever