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Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan Five Stunningly Beautiful Stars

(This review assumes you know the story of Emma & Evan in the first 2 books)

“I’d earned every aching beat that pounded in my chest.”

Out of Breath, for me, is a truly fabulous read; I absolutely loved it. It's bursting with emotions and feelings all wrapped up in a bundle of LOVE ♥


I know not everyone has felt the same about this book and I completely understand the reasons why but I thought it was stunning; this is what I thought and why I LOVED IT!!

First of all I'm going to address the issue of Evan. He sadly didn't make a proper appearance for quite some time in Out of Breath but his presence, I felt, was always there.

Emma has small flashbacks to her life with Evan and the life she left behind. These memories make the story touchingly beautiful and at times moved me to tears. It's clear she still loves Evan. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

'I couldn't Breathe.'
Emma's best friend, Sara plays a huge part in this story and she plays it to perfection. I ♥ Sara and hope that maybe we get a book or novella about her and her love. The remaining characters, the new friends of both Emma and Evan are all wonderful in their own way.

Emma tries to move on with her life, the choices she has made and live with her decision of leaving Evan behind. (She did it for all the right reasons, even if they were somewhat misguided)

'Emma had always had a different way of processing the world and her place in it.' ~ Evan


So Emma and her broken heart move on, and slowly she meets Cole.....

'He was my fix. Even if he couldn't fix me. ~ Emma about Cole

I have to say a fell a little in love with him but those who know the story will understand it, when I say he is NO MATCH for Evan ♥ So I waited & waited, felt a little sorry for Cole, and was finally rewarded with Evan and his almighty, gorgeous presence!! For me, he came in the story at exactly the right time; when he was needed. And some things are worth waiting for ♥

Emma's life choices in Out if Breath have been a contentious issue and as people have rightly said a little out of character. My view is that she is growing up and dealing with the shit that life has dealt her...namely, her bitch of an aunt, her useless uncle, her alcoholic, no good mother, the loss of her beloved father, the craziness with Jonathan and oh, let's not forget leaving behind the love of her life. She's also living with the dire consequences of her own choices.


There are reasons people sometimes behave out of character, they need something to numb the pain and let's face it she has many heartbreaking reasons. What she did wasn't sensible or pretty but it happens and Emma reaches her breaking point. Her emotions are out of control and people do crazy things in those situations. In Emma’s words she wants something that, “Strips my every thought and whisks away her pain.”


When Evan makes his return we are treated to a dual perspective of Emma & Evan throughout the rest of the book, which I absolutely LOVED…….it worked perfectly and gave a wonderful insight into their feelings for each other.


All Evan ever wanted from Emma was truth and honesty he wants to know all of her, the truth is so important for them to be able to move on with each other but is Emma able to do this and free her soul?

'The truth might be more than I could handle, but I knew it would change everything.' Evan


This book is full of self discovery, growing up and loving to the depths of your soul that one person who makes everything ok. Absolutely beautiful and I will never forget this incredible story ♥

'...I chose to live. I chose to love. I chose to breathe.'

♥ BR with 1 Pretty Pink Lady ♥