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Pulse (Collide, #2) - Gail McHugh Collide gave us a new book boyfriend, the swoon some and deliciously HOT Gavin ♥ It also gave us the cliff hanger from hell!!! I was desperate to get my hands on the sequel!! After much anticipation I was so happy to reconnect with Emily and Gavin and live out their happy ever after. (Well I hoped they would get a hea!)


I love the theme of fate running through this story, the idea that there is someone for everyone, you just have to wait for your paths to cross at the right moment and if you miss your moment, there will always be another chance.

I LOVE that and believe in it!!! Yes, I'm a romantic at heart ♥

The other major theme is domestic violence....
"Did you know one in three women wind up in a mentally or physically abusive relationship?" ~ Emily
This was dealt with extremely sensitively and in a subtle way throughout the story, adding to the emotion of it all.

"Gavin Blake .....You're gentle. You're kind. You're strong and witty. You're personable and warm..... image
...you can reduce most females into blithering puddles of goo with the simplest words."

Gavin is adorable and gorgeous and so very, very sweet. ♥

Are you swooning???

He also has very gifted fingers and, "...a very talented tongue." Oh yes!!! Ladies, he knows how to please which makes for a smoking HOT read!! Fabulous!!

Gavin and Emily have a HUGE amount of LOVE for each other....it oozes off the pages beautifully and the writing and sentiment is really quite stunning and profound in places.

"Our past is imperfect, but our future's breathtaking." ~ Emily Beautiful words ♥


For me personally, I would have liked a little more angst and some more conflict to make the reunion so much sweeter. It was all moving along so nicely (maybe too nicely?) I was waiting for an aghhhh moment....I felt like something drastic was going to happen....there was a WTF moment that made me cry (I can't say anymore about that without spoiling the story) but....well everything else was just lovely and wonderful......I loved the whole drama with the baby and, whose the Daddy?....But, really, it had to belong to Gavin or I think there would have been a riot!! lol

♥ All in all I would say if you loved Collide then you have to read this because Gavin is simply divine and the love between the characters is immensely beautiful.

If you haven't read Collide....what are you waiting for it's AMAZING!!!!!!

Bottle Tops and Twenty Questions create some very memorable, sweet moments....if you've read Collide and Pulse then I need say no more.....ahhhh.....sweet memories *Sigh*


Fate... such a funny little thing.

♥ BR with the Pink the fabulicious Pink Ladies & Anna