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Lick - Kylie Scott ♫ Four *LICKABLE* RockStar Stars ♫

"Somehow he managed to turn his face enough to kiss my neck, lick the sweat from my skin."


Pure fantastical escapism, beyond the realms of likelihood but unbelievably I believed in everything the author wrote and LOVED it too! ♥

LICK was absolutely what I NEEDED to read. It was light and breezy and LOTS & LOTS of FUN. It was LICKABLE!!!!!

I felt like I'd fallen into a daydream, a daydream about waking up to find I had married a beautiful, famous Rockstar who worshipped the ground I walked on and wanted ME. Yes it was that fantastical!!!

♥ A Modern Day Sexy Fairytale fantasy. ♥

Evelyn Thomas is our heroine and she has a great personality and a sense or irony in her inner thoughts; I liked her sarcasm and wit and enjoyed reading the story from her POV.

Evelyn is a planner. She has her whole future mapped out, a future prescribed by her parents. In her words, "I was, all in all, fantastically boring." She's a good girl, a rule follower but for once she decides to make her plan more exciting, a plan to celebrate her 21st Birthday......

...but where will this plan lead her?

Vegas Baby

and there was probably a fair few more!!!

Enough tequila, that when she wakes up after her 'planned' night she remembers nothing, not the why or the how, her next plan was to stay quiet but when you have just married a famous Rockstar in Vegas, that is completely impossible, what ensues is humorous and entertaining and made me smile.

David Ferris with his "killer cheekbones." Mr Rockstar who writes songs and plays guitar **Swooning** and is covered with ink all over his beautiful body.

"You're beautiful, rich, and successful."


He's gorgeous and really way too cute, not a bad boy at all (not really)....just someone who's been hurt and is living his life as a Rockstar and looking for something....something that will give him back his mojo.....

"Perhaps he was a tit man and that's how we'd wound up wed."

The story was just sooooo sweet and took me to book heaven in many ways....them spooning in bed, the deliciously sexy times they shared, it was HOT!!!!
"Eventually, I clung onto him and came hard. It felt like the New Year's fireworks display inside me, hot and bright and perfect."
OH YES!!!!!!

Loved that and all of this.....


"The man was a visual feast." That was most definitely a plus!!!

I've never blacked out in my life. It's scary." And in this case, magical!!!

So, Lick was, complete fairytale fluff and sparkle and normally this kind of fanciful story would annoy me A LOT but this just worked. The characters both had warmth to them which engaged me completely, I wanted the fairytale to work. I wanted the dream to be realised.

It all happens very quickly, all aspects, but as the gorgeous Rockstar says;


I will definitely be reading Stage Dive 2. I'm looking forward to it!!!

I'm crazy about you too. You're beautiful, inside and out, David Ferris."

"You fixed me." ~ David. It's clear he adores her. ♥

True Love

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