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Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) - Erin Noelle Scarlet is a sheltered, nieve young girl who goes to college with her best friend to escape the strictness of her parents and be liberated. She wants to find herself a book boyfriend! This is where fiction imitates real life with all her references to the current books we are reading and loving!


“It was almost like we lived a second life with our book characters, talking about them as if they actually existed and integrating their sayings into our everyday conversations.”

Lol! Does that sound like anyone you know??

Very soon she meets Ash, Dylan and Mason, all BB material in different ways. Who is the right choice for Scarlett?

TEAM ♥ASH♥!!!!!
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This book is a lovely read both sweet and sad. (Sigh) I care about all of the characters and want to know what will happen next for Scarlett, aka Sam, Angel and Butterfly. For someone who doesn’t like nicknames she sure has a lot of them!

She is known as Sam to her best friend forever, Evie. Their friendship is truly wonderful, I loved reading about what the two of them would get up to and how much they cared for, and looked out for each other. When tragedy happens, although I saw it coming, it was heartbreaking and so desperately sad and the catalyst for Scarlett leaving her life behind for 8 whole months.

Mason the rock star/biker boy calls her Angel. He is swoonaliscious! He says and does all the right things with just the right amount of bad boy image. He could break your heart but he loves his Angel. The question is does she love him?

Ash the player calls her Butterfly, she loves him, she sleeps in his bed but he doesn't want to commit. All too late he knows he wants her to be his forever.

Lets not forget Dylan he is the perfect, handsome college boy!

At times I was torn as to whom I wanted Scarlett to be with? - One minute it’s Mason the next it’s Ash but never Dylan – The brilliant writing sends me from one boy to the other! Who do I want to be her book boyfriend? She has made a choice but is it the right one?

Can I just say again....Team ASH, all the way!!!!