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**4 Sweet Trace ♥ Corbin Stars**


Kylie is left with nothing when her dad dies in a freak accident, except her wonderful country music and her crazy, uncaring step-mother, Darla. She is all alone in the world, so she up sticks and leaves for Nashville, determined to make her dreams of being a country singer/songwriter come true.
★ Music is the most important thing in her life ★
Kylie is about to give up on her dreams....she is almost out of money (waitressing does not pay enough!) and therefore out of time. Then country music superstar, Trace ♥ Corbin comes along.........everything changes........she is asked to join his tour by his management team.....magical!!!!

This story is what dreams are made of, Kylie has the opportunity of a lifetime touring with Trace but she deserves a break after the cards life has dealt her!! This is a feel good book with a cast to die for ♥

Trace Corbin is yummy, sexy and delicious, a superstar in every way!!! Delectable....Mmmmmmmm ♥ ♥ ♥

He was hot as ten hells and could sing a girl’s panties right off of her.

Trace opened his eyes. They burned so fiercely she feared she might melt under the heat.


"Trace Corbin should come with a warning label: Highly addictive"

Trace Corbin better not spoil this chance for her with his reckless, uncaring, drinking ways!!! He seems indifferent to the consequences of his actions. And what about Kylie????!!!!

Neither is looking for ♥ love, especially Trace....


Kylie is sassy and sexy and does not take any rubbish from our leading man....she is not afraid to tell him how it is!!!

★“You’re the first woman I’ve ever met who could shut me up.”★

Like all good leading characters, they have conflict and then amazing off the scale sexual chemistry!!!! Wowza......hot, hot, hot!!!

His skin would probably sear hers on impact, but damn she wanted to touch him.

She just wanted him. Like she had never wanted anything or anyone in her entire life.

The red hot lust consuming her body was mirrored back to her from his penetrating stare.

.....claiming her mouth with the deepest kiss of her life.

Both Trace and Kylie love their music and their writing with a passion which proves to be as sexy as hell and gave me goose bumps!!!

“Seeing their lyrics mingling together on the page like that, made her nervous. Each stroke of ink on the paper felt like a caress of Trace’s skin. When a line of one of her letters crossed into his, she felt like she was pressing herself against him.”


“Kylie’s face began to tingle, along with some other parts of her anatomy, as the space between them surged with electricity that had a voltage so high it would turn the first one who entered into Ash.”
A beautiful, sweet story about following your dreams; it left me feeling happy and content.....sigh. ♥ ♥ ♥

A wonderful debut novel and I look forward to reading more!!!
“……..as much as I love music and believe me, I love it deep down into my soul, I loved being with you more…..”


**Arc kindly provided for my honest opinion**