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Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1) - Raine Miller Just about 4 Stars of hot, hot, hot Ethan Blackstone!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Let me tell you about this delicious man; he is exceptional book boyfriend material!!
3ADavid_Gandy_by_Conor_Clinch_(2013).jpg">David Gandy by Conor Clinch (2013)
"He’s way too beautiful to have to resort to his hand for an orgasm.”
“……..the guy oozed hotness......”

“Ethan was tight with muscles and washboard abs that melted into the most erotic V-cut I’d ever seen on a man.”
Oh yes!!! Ladies he is ripped!! Nevermind the story, it’s all about Mr Ethan Blackstone, his yummy mouth, his charisma, his sex appeal......fanning myself!!
“I want you underneath me.”

"Oh, we’re well past you being just a date.”

“I f*cking love finding you in my bed.”

“You are the only thing I want to smell, and right now I need the taste of you in my mouth........Then he spread me wide and descended.” Wowz!!!! That was hot!!!

“I want you to stay with me. Once won’t be enough-not with you.”
But for Brynne, staying all night was a major problem….........

Roberta Murgo Model
Brynne~ We have a lot more to discover about this girl.
“To be intimate like that with him wanting me so intensely was an addictive drug. More potent than anything I’d ever experienced before in my life......I was frightened of my own feelings for him already. In such a short time he’d possessed me."

“He’s just so intense…….Ethan is like nothing I have ever encountered and I don’t know if I could survive him."
I would have liked the story to have been further developed and longer, especially around their meeting, it was all a bit too quick and very slightly over dramatic as a result, for my liking; I wanted more because I loved the characters so much.

There were eye rolling moments for me when the typical moves of the 21st century romantic/erotic novel were pulled out, but on the other hand there were delicious, swoony, sexilicious moments that were just fabulous........Ethan and Brynne are smoking hot when they are together.
“I rode the wave as Ethan rode me. He did it hard at first. Pounding pulls in and out of my soaked core that went a little deeper on every stroke. I felt myself striving toward another orgasm.”

“…his spine curving on a beautiful downward penetration that connected us so deeply I felt he was part of me in that instant.”

“A girl could get used to this. Ethan was so affectionate and I loved the way he wanted to touch me all the time.”
The story gives us a whirlwind romance with lots and lots of hot sex and dirty talking!!! What's not to love??

The ending was aghhhhh and why!!!!! You fool!!! You should have said!!!! Heartbreaking!!

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Naked has left me wanting more, more, more!!!
More story, more Brynne and definitely more Ethan Blackstone ♥

“I had no self control around Ethan. None.”

“Our eyes met and there was an exchange; a communication of feelings and an understanding of where we were heading in this force connecting us.”
Love that quote!!! ♥

I was in a book slump and Ethan has fixed that! Hooray!!! Thanks Deanna for bringing this delicious, yummy, man to my attention!!!

**BR with Barb & Deanna**