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The Art of Control (The Art of D/s #3) - Ella Dominguez 5 Holy Dazzling Stars!!!!!
“I want to crawl into his heart and live there forever. I vow to do whatever it takes to make him happy and keep him safe. I will exist to please only him. My entire world belongs to him now. He is mine and I am his. He is my Master and my everything.”

Dylan and Isa’s incredible story has captivated me throughout this spectacular series. The story is intriguing and the characters have depth and purpose.


If you like alpha males and sassy females who have a sense of humour and a story with intensity and a bit of grit then you will love this book and you MUST read it!!!! Oh, I almost forgot, the hot, hot, sexcapades……….wowza!!!

“………….a gentle spanking followed by a hellacious flogging and sweet vanilla with a twist sex. This is my life and I couldn’t and wouldn’t want it any other way.” Isa Young

There is a lot of kinkiness in this book which is delicious.
“My husband just gave me my dessert and I’ll be giving him his later.”
The author does in amazing job in pushing the boundaries of her characters and her readers, just enough, to the point of being excruciatingly uncomfortable but all the action has a sense of kindness to it, and it is always consensual, a lifestyle choice…..


“We’re living out our fantasies with each other, we’re not hurting anyone and it’s completely consensual. Why can’t the world understand that? F*ck anyone who has the nerve to judge the way we decide to love each other.”

“BDSM has taught me that there are to be no secrets between us and that trust is the most important thing.”

Dylan and Isa's love for each other is amazing, touching, tender (sometimes hard to watch) but mostly beautiful…....these are some of my favourite love quotes from Dylan and Isa……..♥

“True love, power exchange, contentment and most importantly, trust – have finally graced me with their presence and my life with Isa is complete.”

“I love you, Master. You’re the only one I need. I love you. Take me. Own me. Devour me.”


“My purpose in life is clear now – it is to probe her depths, push her limits and consume her sole.”

“I love him entirely, completely, eternally and infinitely, and beyond the stars and the universe.”

The perfect end to their story……..
“Holy magical fertility clinic!”

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