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Knight & Play  - Kitty French 5
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Stars for my second yummy read of Knight and Play!!!

Sophie is bored with her mundane ordinary life and wants to “inject some excitement into her days.” She applies for a PA job with Knight inc. and seals her application with a lucky kiss.

Lucien Knight is a self-made, wealthy man with a string of sex clubs and adult stores, “…tall, dirty blonde hair and flint blue eyes…sex oozed from every pore of the man…..a bronzed, muscled warrior.” A man who doesn’t do relationships or love.
Alexander Skarsgard 2012

Lucien sees something in Sophie; he wants to rescue her and reawaken the “sensual woman……She was like a ripe peach that no one had bothered to pick, and he wanted to sink his teeth right in.”

“The girl shimmered with untapped sexual potential.”And he was the one to show her the way!!!
“You deserved to be adored, and you deserve to be f*cked until you can’t stand up.”
There are a lot of sexcapades in this book….wowza….I mean a lot!!! All the time! It is lovely, beautiful, sensual and erotic.
“Sex is natural…….And Fucking beautiful”
“The man knew what he was doing. His tongue was everywhere.”
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This highly erotic book is a story of self discovery.....
....for Sophie her sexual reawakening as a woman; new experiences, intense pleasure and lust.
“Lucien had reminded her how it felt to be adored, and how much she’d missed it.”
.......for Lucien that he may want more than just sex???
“She’d used her body to pleasure him, and in her arms he’d found far more than physical release.”
“Sex with Lucien was a cross between the most sweeping romantic movie and the filthiest porn flick; he was feather gentle and filthy erotic all at the same time.”
It was never meant to be more than one week but Sophie is not sure she wants the husband, who she knows is having an affair, and what about Lucien? Does she love him? Does he want her, is it possible after a week?
“He was hands down the most charismatic, fabulous man she’d ever met, the stuff of every woman’s daydreams.”

**BR with Seductress Barb & Mistress Deanna**

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