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The Stillness of You - Julie Bale **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


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Georgia King used to be a party girl; drugs, alcohol and sex all helped her to escape her dark life and the craziness she felt inside. It made her feel good for small moments in time but then she hit rock bottom in the worse way possible and had to face the reality of her life………

“Ben Lancaster was like the yummiest piece of chocolate ever.”

Ben is the new signing for the Flyers hockey team, young, rich, gorgeous and when he sees Georgia he is instantly attracted but she has secrets she doesn’t want to share and in her words........
“I was the girl no one should bring home to their parents.....I was about as far away from angelic as you could get.....”

For me this story captures the essence of how you feel when you meet your true love, those special feelings you get when you see them, they are hard to explain, you feel them in the depths of your soul, in the pit of your stomach, and those feelings are all captured, for me, wonderfully in this story.
“I had a feeling that Ben Lancaster has just tattooed himself onto my soul and the thing about tattoos? They’re painful to remove.”

I also felt Georgia’s torment, her desire, her love, her sadness...she was so very tired of the cards that life had dealt her and I felt that too.
“I cried until there was nothing left in me........I sat there until dusk fell and the stars came out………….I sat there until I was empty and then I went home.”

"Once the hockey season started he'd be riding that damn shooting star again and there wasn't room for me on it."



“......when her soft mouth slid across mine, I f*cking saw stars.”

I loved her dry sense of humour........

“I came with my friend Kendall, who happens to own a vagina, so you don’t have to worry.”

“His wicked grin was enough to blow the pants off a goddamn Nun.”

It was a very sweet, enjoyable read with a lovely amount of hotness and two beautiful characters, Ben and Georgia. Their story is not over and I can’t wait to read more.....
“Ben you’re like a circle that’s good and whole and perfect. I’m not........my circle is cracked and there are pieces of me that are fragmented, pieces that can’t be fixed....”

“I love every cracked and fragmented piece of you…….”

*BR with the lovely Barb!