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The Art of Submission (The Art of D/s #1) - Ella Dominguez ***This review may contain small spoilers***
“Holy orgasmic overload.”
I absofreakinglutely love this book!! Amazeballs!!!!

I love the feeling and tone of the story, it’s sexy, scrummy, delicious and naughty!

It is about the divine Dylan Young……………. ♥
“He’s visually stunning in a nontraditional way. He’s tallish and his physique is just slightly built……..Damn, he looks delicious. I wonder what he tastes like.”
…………………and the beautiful and talented Isabel
“Isabel is proving to be a very fascinating woman.”
Isabel expresses herself and her sexual fantasies through her wonderful paintings and it is her art work that draws our fabulous characters together.

The paintings and Isa awaken something in Dylan; he is a sophisticated, charismatic man (swoon!) He knows what he wants and has specific sexual tastes but he also realises he wants to give Isa want she desires too! He is too lovely!!!

Their first kiss…….wow!!!!!!

"Holy wetness - my pu$$y and panties are soaking wet and I'm aroused as hell. I can't take anymore and lunge myself at him…......mirrors my response. He's kissing me viciously.........No one has ever kissed me like this before." Love it!

I love the way it is written and alternates between Dylan and Isa’s POV; I think this really helps to understand their relationship. They are constantly in each other’s heads, thinking each other’s thoughts. They have an amazing connection almost from the start but it is natural; not forced or contrived.

Their personalities shine through especially Isa. She is emotionally and physically damaged, she does not see her worth, has a non-existent self-esteem and believes things could not possibly work out for her, “I know this will end in miserable heartbreak for me, I just know it.”

She also has a fab sense of humour………….
“Little Miss Sassy Pants is back and I laugh out loud at her. I know she doesn’t like it but damn she’s comical when she’s feisty.” You just know he loves that she is comical!!! It is a very attractive quality!

She is strong, feisty and formidable…….
“If he’s not willing to concede anything to me, I decide, here and now, he’ll get what he wants. Sex and sex only. He wants me to be his submissive? Fine, but he’s going to do his fair share of submitting as well.” I love the way the tables turn on Dylan!

And I love the way he thinks about her......
“You taste so good Isabel; like a little slice of heaven,” I tell her between licks.
“I want her all of her.”
“Every inch of her was made for me and only me and I’m not letting this one go. She’s mine.”
Control is an issue……..who has it?
“……he gave me what I really needed….….a way out of myself. I felt in control for once. Even when he was dominating me, it’s because I allowed it, and I had the control to say yes or no……”

All I have left to say is……
image And....
“Dylan…..you were delicious.”