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Samson's Lovely Mortal  - Tina Folsom 4 Lovely Stars for Samson and Delilah!!!

"Tonight he would take her to his bed, and he would be just a man, a man who wanted her. He would forget he was a vampire."

Samson is a tall, strong handsome vampire and Delilah is the 'Lovely Mortal' They have an over whelming sexual desire for each other.....It's lovely!!

This story is witty, humorous, romantic and sexy with a good mix of goodies and baddies!! Samson has a little problem (he can't get it up, oh dear!) but Delilah comes along and needless to say she is his solution, but could the 'Lovely Mortal' be part of a vampires life? Haha, the age old question in vampire books....yes it is cliched in places and slightly sentimental but I loved it all the same!

"You amaze me. It feels like you're two different people, one wild and one tender."

"There was only one place she wanted him right now, and it was inside of her, captured between her thighs. For however long she could keep him there." Oh yes.....it was hot!!!

"Samson sensed this special bond with Delilah. He couldn't describe the feeling; he just knew that it was right........she sensed the connection too, probably without realizing....."

Who wouldn't love a tall, powerful, handsome, stranger sweeping a beautiful lady of her feet, falling deeply in love and saving her from her boring ordinary life and all the evil baddies??!!

"There are good and bad things among us, just as there are good and bad among humans. Turning into a vampire doesn't make you bad. And being human doesn't make you good."

This is my Samson.......♥ ♥ ♥

(Read as part of a freebie challenge - thanksVicky!