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No More Wasted Time - Beverly Preston No More Waste of Time is a story about love, fate, new beginings and living in the moment!

Tom and Tess are both in their 40's and it is fate that brings them together in Bora Bora (Tom is a very famous actor who has had a number of casual girlfriends and Tess lost her husband to sudden heart attack)

They are hot for each other but Tess feels guilt over moving on and Tom has commitment issues.....so what will happen in the end???

I liked the story and the characters, it is a nice, sweet, kind of predictable read with only a smidge of angst. (I needed more angst!) It was very steamy in places which I loved! ♥ It made me feel content and I have to admit I had a tear in my eyes a couple of times at the end. If you love a straight forward romantic read then this is a great book for you!!!

"I've learned the hard way that every day is a gift. I refuse to waste one more moment of my life."