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Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens ‘His heart was my home and I wasn’t ever leaving it’

Ahh!!! Sigh!!! My heart is so happy right now I think it might burst! I absolutely loved this book and wish there were more stars!!!

Readers have had a hard time with Kiera and find her difficult to like but for me Kiera is Kiera - We have to accept her annoying qualities. LOL. It's like having an old friend - you love her even if she annoys the hell out of you at times! Well that's how I feel anyway. In Reckless we see her character really mature and grow up becoming much more likeable.

Kellan, well, he is and always will be one, Hot, Rock God. Now he feels loved and can love others he is the perfect package! (swoon!!)

Reckless did not disappoint with the other characters surrounding the story; each person giving it extra layers of interest and depth for the reader. Griffin and Anna were the highlight of the extras for me – a real double act at times and Griffin would make me laugh out loud with his one liners.

My expectations for this book were different but I am so glad that S C Stephens in my opinion stayed true to the characters in their behaviour towards each other and in the end it was perfect for me!!

This series is one of my all time favourite reads and Reckless did not disappoint me!! From about 70% on the book sky rocketed for me. I was crying and laughing - I think you know who I was laughing at? Just brilliant. I'm considering re-reading straight away - I can't seem to move on yet! X

I feel content that Kellan and Kiera have completed their journey and what a fabulous journey it has been for them and for us!!

It made me laugh, it made me cry but most of all it made me happy.

‘My Journey here had been tumultuous at best, but it
was worth every scrape, heartache, and tear.’